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Electrically Powered Prosthesis

Electrically Powered Prosthesis
Electrically Powered Prosthesis
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Service Code : IALS 02
Brand Name : Ideal Artificial limbs Solutions

Electrically-Powered Prostheses

Upper limb prosthetics are devices designed to replace, as much as possible, the function or appearance of a missing upper limb.

Some device types may be more suitable for specific activities than others and some individuals may need several different prosthetic devices to engage in a number of different activities. At I.A.S Services we emphasize the importance of an Initial Prosthetic Assessment. Our interest is in working with our clients to determine what their functional goals are and how best to achieve them, through the use of appropriate techniques, technology and training. Experienced amputees know that if a prosthesis does not fulfill some personal requirement, it will not be worn.