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Company Profile
Ideal Artificial limbs Solutions is one of the top-notch Service Providers in the market. Providing a series of trusted Fabrication and Fitting Work of Upper and Lower Extremity Artificial Limbs, has made us a wide choice among various cities in the country. Based in New Delhi, India, our company strives to make sure that it's work exceeds the satisfaction levels of the clients to many folds. We make it a point to see that our services give a breath of fresh breath of air to the clients and thus allows them to live their lives to the fullest. Our dedicated and trustworthy services include-Prosthesis Work, Cosmetic Restoration Services, Osteoarthiritis Knee Braces Fabrication Solutions among various others.

Services Offered By Us

Our company is known across the country for providing one of the most spectacular range of artificial limbs which has thus made them one of the most reliable firms in the market. Offering a range of high grade solutions at affordable prices.  
  • Prosthesis
    • Artificial Limbs for Upper Extremity
      • Cosmetic Hand
      • Medical/ Functional Hand
      • Recreational Hand  Prosthesis
      • Robotic/ Bionic Hand
    • Artificial Limbs For Lower Extremity
      • Cosmetic Prosthesis
      • Daily/Active Prosthesis
      • Immediate Post-operative Prosthesis
      • Microprocessor Controlled  Prosthesis
      • Sports/ Recreational Prosthesis
    • Cosmetic Restoration/Osseointegration
      • Breast Prosthesis
      • Ear, Nose Face Mask
      • Hand, Finger
      • Maxillofacial Prosthesis
  • Orthotics (Orthopaedics Bracing and Support)
      • Diabetic Foot Care Support
      • Head, Spine Support
      • Osteoarthiritis Knee Braces
    • Prefabricated Customized
      • Stockings, Pressure Garment
      • Upper Lower
  • Animal  Prosthesis
  • Wheel Chairs, Sitting and Posture Control
We also provide easy Access Room Accommodation Facilities to all our patients.

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Service Provider, manufacturer, supplier, trader, exporter, importer and wholesaler / distributor:


New Delhi, India

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Product Range

  • Artificial Limbs For Lower Extremity
  • Artificial Limbs For Upper Extremity
  • Animal Prosthesis
  • Calipers and Orthotic Supports
  • Osseointegration Legs
  • Cosmetic Restoration
  • Touch Bionics
  • Sitting Wheelchair
  • Standing Walkers
  • Ossur Bionic
  • Endolite Foot
  • Pulman Footwear
  • Artificial Belly
  • New Item
  • Otto Bock Healthcare