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Offering a breath of fresh air to the clients through our dedicated and trusted fabrication and fitting services of high-grade Artificial Limbs.

About Us

Quite a percentage of our population sit at home staring out of their window, watching everyone out there walking and talking in a happy manner all because of a tiny mishap which made them lose a crucial part of their body. Well throw the pain away and let go of all your worries, because we have a way of fulfilling your dreams and making you relive your life beautifully! Established in the year 2003, Ideal Artificial limbs Solutions is one of the leading companies when it comes to providing various artificial limb-services to the clients. Holding a prominent position in the market, we are a respected Service Provider today. Our company indulges in the Fabrication and Fitting of Upper & Lower Extremity Artificial Limbs. Providing a series of customized solutions to the clients, we make sure that our work meets the different preferences of the clients in an effective manner, thus allowing us to not only win their trust but also exceed their expectations to great levels. Our services include-Cosmetic Restoration Solutions, Daily/Active Prosthesis Work, Orthotic Services, Sitting and Posture Control Solutions and many more.